Saturday, May 13, 2017


// Crop Top & Coat: Monki // Pants: Oasis // Sneaker: Foot Locker Europe (click here) //

Happy Saturday!

We made it to the weekend yay! Time to get some rest and some fun time right?
As for me, I don't have that much planned for the weekend as I have to study like a lot. 
Exams are due in just 3 weeks. After that I can finally enjoy bits of the sun as well.
Today we were lucky though. We had like 18 celcius and so much sun. The next days are just going to be as great. Hard to focus on studying but I'll survive.

In todays post I'm wearing the new runners by Adidas. The Adidas Iniki Runner to be exact. I've seen this sneaker all over the internet and my friends at Foot Locker's were kind enough to again send me these. I so love the simplicity of these and the color choice. 
The Iniki's are specialized as the name already tells, running. However, basically for all kinds of sports. But since I'm not doing that much of sports (as in none ..yet) I'll rock them as my everyday kicks because their so comfy. Kinda makes me wanna rethink my habit of not doing any sports. Maybe I'll get to that, now that I own some runners in my sneaker collection. We'll see about that.

Until then, enjoy your weekend ..

Much Love xx

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


[Tip: Hover over the picture for info, click it to take you to item on store’s website.] 

Happy new day guys!

Have you missed my Lust List's? I honestly missed them and felt like the blog wasn't complete without my weekly craving lists. I love doing outfit posts and all but just beeing able to put a few cravings to digital paper and share them with you guys has always been so much fun. 
I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue with the tradition and post weekly but let's start all over and see where I can get things to. Uni has just been one priority in my life and I don't want to take education for granted. So please bare with me guys ..

Let's move on to today Lust List topic. I know, I know .. I've always been the one to praise black and all but I feel like whenever it's getting hot outside or just spring & summer in general I feel like trying new things, experiencing with color especially. Since I went on the natural hair journey I've began to even more love my skin complexion and understanding what beauty really means. It's not about expressing yourself through make-up or more exact superficial things. I feel like we have to go there more into depth. Beauty is about loving yourself, your roots and just celebrate ethnicity. 
Now that I've gained more knowledge I've seen that colors such as yellow, green just colorful shades tend to look so good on melannin skin. Been craving all those instagram black baddies who celebrate and embrace their color and crown which in the natural hair community stands for the afro. I'm really beginning to understand, accept and love more. 

However, I've been on so many pages and even to stores seeking colorful clothing such as yellow sunnies (which I luckily found on H&M for only 7€. Very similar to the one linked above), yellow tops and pants and so on. One thing that I'm really on the lookout for are yellow off-shoulder/cold-shoulder tops. I feel like there are not many of them out yet! Or do you know where to get those? Help a sister out haha .. Desperately looking!

Are there any colors you love to embrace while summer?

Let me know down below .. and remember to always love yourself first!

Much Love xx

Friday, May 5, 2017


// Fenty by Rihanna Top & Sneaker: Foot Locker Europe (click & click) // Pants: H&M // Choker: Lamoda //

Happy Friday guys!

I'm back with yet another outfit post as I promised you guys. This time my friends at Foot Locker's were kind enough to send me a few pieces of the limited spring edition by Rihanna Fenty.

Let me tell you guys, I'm so digging this look. Olive has always been one of my fav's which made me even happier that the Fenty collection covered up so many of those shades. If you haven't check the collection out already .. you better do so!
I mean, I have to support RiRi! Been a fan since day one and finally even manage to see her at her ANTI concert last year in Hamburg. Front row guys and she killed it.

And no .. those photos aren't photoshoped into this location. I really did climb up the top of a building to get up there. Well, not literally haha. Merely through a deck window from a friends place.
I enjoyed the scene like so much but on the other hand was terrified to be at the very top and see all those small heads from above. Crazy!

I thought I should do another #LustList for the upcoming summer season as I've been craving too many styles and pieces. Will get to that soon. What do you think?

Happy weekend until then ..

Much Love xx

Pics by @stillinstallation
Edits by me

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


// Jeans Jacket: Vintage // Off-Shoulder Top: Dresslink // Jeans: JustFab // Socks: Lamoda // Sneaker: Foot Locker Europe (click here) //

Good day guys!

For a fact, I dont even know where to start .. let's just say a lot has been going on in my life recently. I'll go into detail just now. From an inner, mental study block to passing all my exams I had to accomplish within the semester. It's been a tough and rough year but all glory be to God I manage to pass all of them, which I'm very proud and happy of.
I've been literally waking up early, going to the library, having a short break then continue with studies to then go home and get some rest. This was literally my schedule on a day to day basis. Nobody said studying isn't going to be all that easy and I figured!

Other from that have I been on holidays just a week ago and it was well needed. I've travelled to Santander, Spain with the boyfriend and enjoyed a wonderful one week with great weather and beautiful beaches. I've never been to Spain before. Santander was my first and defo not my last. Eeeexcept the fact that the people out there didn't really know how to speak proper english like clearly none, which gave us a tough time to communicate and move ourselves in the city .. I'll be back again.

In other news, my 22nd birthday is just 2 days away and I'm just so thrilled to celebrate. Excited for my birthday and easter with the family and all ..How are you going to spend easter?

Oh and before I forget, are you digging this look as much as I do? Loving the tumblr-ishy vibe that is happening here. All denim and swaggy. Big thanks to my friends at Foot Locker Europe for sending over the Puma Suede Hearts Reset in yellow. Color right? Thought as for spring I should change up things a little.

Speak soon ..

Much Love xx

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


// Sweater: Missguided // Pants: H&M // Fishnet Socks: Lamoda // Sneaker: Foot Locker (here) //

Happy new week y'all!

Today I'm back with another outfit post of mine. A post that once again shows my appreciation for sneakers.
I've been hooked up by my friends at Foot Locker once again with dapper sneakers that I'm happy to include in my sneaker collection. As I've said already, there can never be too much sneakers in your collection. I'm happy collecting and showing them off. I'm not that that type of person who collects sneakers only for the sake of collecting ..NO! I actually try wearing all of them once in a while.
Sure it's always a pain in the ass to walk outside with fresh new kicks just to get somebody step on them and leaving a huge dirt mark. That's like the worst case scenario while wearing new kicks.
But to be honest, that shouldn't be the reason to store them in a box for over decades. Or do you think differently? Let me know ..

I did add the fishnet detail cause well I thought it looked cute. They might be trending at the moment but that wasn't the reason why I choosed to add it to my look. Wanted to try something different. Personally, to me I don't like the fishnet tights but the socking are okay I guess.

Any trends you've been in love with lately?

Wishing you a great start to the week ..

Much Love xx

Pics by @stillinstalation
Edit by me

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


// Dress: Missguided // Boots: H&M //

Happy Val's Day my loves!

I hope you get to spend an amazing day with your loved ones. Get out, do something special and show the people you love some appreciation. If it may be the cause that your not in a relationship or whatsoever at least show your parents some love for raising you up until the very now and I know that parenthood isn't something easy at all! I grew up in a household of 6 kids as I always say and I sometimes had to take part in parenting which I always loved to do althought my little brother and sisters sometimes got the best out of me .. I'm just saying, get out, show some love, be kind - you get the deal ;)

However, as promised I'm back again with my last official fashion week outfit post. The next one to follow will be my fashion week recap with all experience and things I got to see once again. As I said the last time, my outfit picking had to go pretty fast as I did my fittings super last minute but though I'm happy with how I looked throughout the week. Not that I looked like a super jerk or whatever. 

I'm kinda having this thing for chokers at the moment. I mean, how come not? They're literally everywhere and to me always a good highlight to pop up my simple looks even if you're super casual it just adds some edgyness to it.
As I speak, I just received another package of well mainly chokers haha! Never ending story.
Until next time my loves ..

Much Love xx